Why should you choose CRSS?

Custom designed solutions at affordable costs.

Costa Rica Solar Solutions custom designs every solar project, which allows us to keep service costs reasonable. And because we order our product in bulk, and on a consistent basis, we save you money on equipment costs.

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We use Tier 1 solar panels and quality USA products.

Tier 1 solar panels are high quality panels that should produce power for as long as the expected lifespan, which is an estimated 25 years. Costa Rica Solar Solutions uses Tier 1 solar panels and USA manufactured optimizers, inverters and racking so you can rest assured that you are receiving a quality solar system.

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Our systems use power optimizers for maximum efficiency.

We install power optimizers to maximize your energy production and to ensure a safe, working solar system. The power optimizers automatically maintain a fixed string voltage, and offer greater flexibility with longer strings and strings of different lengths so we can design optimal PV systems.

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Our team includes in-house engineers and installers.

Costa Rica Solar Solutions completes all work processes in-house with a staff of highly skilled engineering professionals. We do not outsource work tasks, 100% of our services are maintained internally.

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We staff an educated, bilingual support team.

Several of our employees are bilingual and available to support both English and Spanish speaking clients. Our staff has many years of experience and education in the solar technology industry.

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1st company in Costa Rica to install a feed-in limiter.

Costa Rica Solar Solutions installed the first feed-in limiter device in the country. This tool allows us to better design Tesla battery systems and affords us the ability to see how much energy is needed for nighttime usage.

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We offer extended warranty and service packages.

Costa Rica Solar Solutions offers the usual 1 year warranty and service package. We also offer a selection of extended warranty and service packages that are reasonably priced so you can ensure an affordable future with your solar system.

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We offer module level monitoring online as a free service.

Power optimizers monitor the performance of each module and communicate performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring portal for enhanced, cost-effective module-level maintenance. CRSS includes this monitoring capability as a free service with most installs.

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We have an in-house service division, the Costa Rica Solar Doctor.

Costa Rica Solar Doctor offers multiple maintenance packages that will provide you a regular maintenance schedule for your solar system. Our in-house capabilities allow us to offer you superior solar system servicing at affordable costs.

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We handle all permits and regulations with the service provider.

Costa Rica Solar Solutions handles all aspects of the solar install approval process. The permitting process in Costa Rica can be difficult and time consuming, and our team ensures that your transition into solar capability is a smooth ride from start to finish.

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