Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Pay off your investment in 4-6 years!

Costa Rica Solar Solutions is experienced in the design, distribution and maintenance of residential off-grid solar systems. We have installed over 70 off-grid solar systems in Costa Rica.

Let our team assist with determining what the best solar solution is for your solar project.

CRSS will design you a system that matches your current or projected energy consumption and/or what your future needs will be.

We will find the optimal solution from using your empty roofs to mounting panels in your back yard on separate mounting structures. We expertly assess every site to ensure maximum solar optimization.

The Off-Grid Solar System

How Off-Grid Energy Works

Off-grid solar electric systems are sometimes the only solution for home owners and for systems that do not have access to an electrical grid. Off-grid systems work by storing the solar energy into a bank of high quality Trojan batteries. The stored energy is then sent to an inverter that converts the energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The inverter sends that AC electricity to the breaker box in your home, which provide the electricity to power your household outlets, lights and appliances.

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