Grid-Tied Solar Solutions

Pay off your investment in 4-6 years!

Costa Rica Solar Solutions is experienced in the design, distribution and maintenance of residential and commercial grid-tied and grid-tied hybrid solar systems. We have installed over 80 solar energy systems in Costa Rica, from beachfront and country homes, to homes and commercial business in Alajuela and San Jose. Let our team assist with determining what the best solar solution is for your solar project.

CRSS will design you a system that matches your current energy consumption and/or what your future needs will be. We cannot exceed your current usage but we can build with expansion in mind for the future.

For commercial clients who require larger scale systems,
 Costa Rica Solar Solutions has full in-house capabilities to design, build and install a solar power system big enough to power many homes and businesses.

We will find the optimal solution from using your empty roofs to mounting panels in your back yard on separate mounting structures. We expertly assess every site to ensure maximum solar optimization.

The Grid-Tied Solar System

How Grid-Tied Energy Works

A grid-tied system is a private photovoltaic system that is connected in parallel to the electrical grid and generates energy to the house &/or electrical grid. When your system produces more than 100% of your energy needs, it will send electricity back into the grid, and your electricity vendor will bank that energy for your future use at no cost.  When you produce more than 100% your meter actually runs in reverse!! (The more modern digital meter counts the energy going in both directions).

With net metering programs now approved in Costa Rica for all electrical providers, many homeowners are now experiencing the benefits of solar electricity by reducing their monthly bills and eliminating electrical cost for more then 20 years.

The Hybrid Grid-Tied with Battery Back-Up Solar System

Grid-tied systems do not require a battery bank because the grid provides energy resources and storage for cloudy days and at night. The system needs the voltage of the grid to operate and when the grid is lost so is the grid-tied system. This type of solar system cannot feed power to a dead grid per international law (giving protection for people working in the electrical lines).

Even though grid-tied systems do not require a battery bank, there are many scenarios where use a battery bank with their grid-tied system is useful. With a battery backup bank, when the grid has an interruption, or blackout, the switch from the grid to batteries is seamless.

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