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The solar heating system mounted on the roof. The system will be mounted in an appropriate location and position with regard to the best solar coverage. The system will be installed close to the plumbing and electrical connections. (Within 5 meters to the connections.)Additional distance will be quoted as a separate line item.Customer to ensure that there is safe and adequate roof access. For more information on how the system works Click Here.

•Installation and commissioning of the system•Mounting components
•Roof mounting and securing
•Heating and storage tank
•Heat pipes
•1 /2 inch input and output piping

$75 Electric Heating and controller for back up heating. This includes: 1500W electric heating element, system controller, temperature thermo-well and temperature probe, electrical wiring to and from controller and heating element, 20 AMP circuit breaker. This covers up to 10 meters of wiring for the electrical circuit

$1,850.Total Price
  • Five year warranty on the thermal system
  • 40 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Heat Tube System


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