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Costa Rica Solar Solutions Magnum MS4024PAE 4.0kW Battery Back-up $ 7,418.83

Magnum Dimensions MS4024PAE


The Magnum MS4024PAE Inverter/Charger is a good choice when you need to run parallel systems. These pure sinewave inverters are designed specifically for the most demanding renewable energy applications. The unique design of the MS4024PAE provides two 120VAC output lines that are 180° out-of-phase with each other, so that the combination of the L1 and L2 lines total 240VAC and the voltage between either L1 or L2 and neutral is 120VAC, eliminating the need to purchase two units and stack them together to get 240 volts.



  • The pure sine wave inverter and power factor corrected charger provide clean, reliable inverter power with low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 5%.
  • You can stack up to four inverter/chargers for up to 17.6kw of power at 120/240V.
  • Pure sinewave in 24 and 48 volt configuration
  • Noise reduction: The lightweight aluminum base and cover provide noise reduction and corrosion resistance
  • Multiple ports, including an RS485 communication port for network expansion, and a remote port
  • Accessible design: The extra large AC access cover with terminal screw block and 360 degree DC connection terminals with covers make this inverter more accessible when it needs to be.
  • Convenient switches: The MS-PAE Series comes with an on/off inverter-mounted switch with an easy-to-read LED indicator.



Costa Rica Solar Solutions Price $7,418.83

Includes Cabling, Installation, 4 Trojan L16 RE-B Batteries, Inverter, charge controller, Shipping and Handling. Price may vary depending on Locations.


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