Introducing Costa Rica Solar Solutions and LG Chem Resu Energy Storage Parnership

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CRSS LG Partnership

Costa Rica Solar Solutions has been working with an energy storage solutions for the residential home market since the begging of our existence using wet cell batteries for off grid and grid tied back up systems. Now we are excited to present the LG Chem Resu battery system! CRSS has entered into a partnership with LG to represent them in Costa Rica and Latin America.

Our flag ship inverter the SolarEdge system has a component called the Solaredge. Storedge has been a leader in the market place working with Tesla and LG batteries. Tesla and LG Chem use lithium ion batteries that have a higher performance rate than other types of batteries.


CRSS has picked LG Chem Resu batteries for the next generation of grid tied and off grid residential energy storage solution for our systems because of the performance, cost and warranty. These batteries will work with any DC or AC coupled inverter systems that have a high voltage (400V) or Low voltage (48V). LG Chem battery sizes 48 volts is 3.3kW,6.5 and 10. We will be soon offering a pre-order package for LG Resu before July 2017.


LG energy storage not only is a great fit for residential home systems but they are also in commercial and backup systems. You will also find that LG is also in most of the electric cars around the world with high performance and extended range. The hot new Chevy Bolt is powered by the LG battery!


The LG Chem warranty is also what CRSS considers one of the best in the energy storage systems, with a 10 warranty.

LG vs Tesla Power wall.

You will find a lot of articles and marketing about the Tesla Power wall, what you won’t find is how Tesla is really a Panasonic battery dressed up.

“Tesla makes all the headlines, but LG manufactures most of the lithium-ion batteries. LG’s entry into the market will help bring down battery prices and help them make economic sense for more households.”

Sunrun Executive Chairman Ed Fenster said in an interview with Reuters:


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