Value vs Price

All of Costa Rica Solar Solutions solar energy systems are installed using the highest quality components available on the market, using world-class electrical and installation standards.

The decline in the cost of Solar PV over the past few years has made solar accessible to many.  Understandably, there are many “unaware” customers who are only looking for the cheapest prices when shopping for a system and installer. This is a major mistake, and will most certainly cost the customer money, lost energy production due to system “down time”, additional maintenance, and premature component failure necessitating replacement and additional costs.

Furthermore, serious consideration must be given not only to the quality and reliability aspects of equipment and hardware, but also support, maintenance, expertise, and attention to detail that one must receive, and be able to count on from your installer/ integrator.

We frequently get calls for service requests from customers who have purchased their system from another company. They explain that the system was installed by “Company X”, who is no longer in business, or who has decided that they are “too busy” to come and take care of their installation. Unconscionable, but this happens all too frequently, and we try and serve the community anyway we can. The truth is that had they purchased their system from us they would be our first priority.

Costa Rica Solar Solutions is here to serve you. We want you to rest assured that will be here should you need for us to attend to your system.  Our systems are competitively priced and provide you the highest value. We use the most reliable, highest quality equipment with the highest efficiencies. This ensures that  your system will operate trouble free and up to its peak performance for its intended lifespan. We utilize SMA solar technology, Solar Edge, CNBM, Enphase and other U.S. components and equipment and a variety of panels including U.S. manufactured. We partner with the most efficient, most reliable panel, inverter, and electronics manufacturers available.

Experience, expert design and exceptional customer service are the most important elements of the equation of value and cost of a system. In many cases our clients have compared our systems to that of other competitors, and have found that our competitors won’t provide service after installation. We will go to the ends of Costa Rica to solve our client’s service problems and you will always have us to rely upon.

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