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A well designed, installed and maintained solar system can provide trouble free power for at least 25 years. This system will supply free, clean power to your home or business without the further use of carbon based fuels or producing greenhouse gases.

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This project is currently the largest grid-tied solar installation in Costa Rica. The first stage was 60, 280 W panels or 16.8 kWp of power. We used 2 SMA, SunnyBoy inverters and on the first day we were producing 100% rated power. On average the system produces 2,400 kW-hrs of energy per month saving the owner approximately 1,000 USD a month. The panels for this system were mounted on a beautiful wooden frame on the front yard entrance to the housing complex. This provided a partially shaded area for a future garden of flowers and plants. Integration and aesthetics are an important part in the custom application of each solar system. The second stage of this installation added 30 more panels to the wooden structure making a total solar power of 24.2 kWp. This system is now producing 3,600 kW-hrs a month and the owner is very pleased and will be adding a power back up system and more panels in the near future.

This recently completed project is a 13. 2 kW true output off-grid system located in the mountains above Uvita, Costa Rica. With 4, 400 Amp-hr, 48 volt battery banks they have an astounding 76.8 kW-hrs of reserve power. This system has a current panel installation of 5,376 Wp and has room to grow as the needs warrant. They are currently operating refrigerators, freezers, pumps and all the lighting and entertainment needs from the system. They also have a micro-hydro system installed which produces 800 watts of power, 24 hours a day. This greatly assist in keeping the batteries at a higher state of charge during the nights and cloudy days.

CRSS also has completed many small grid-tied and off grid systems through out Costa Rica. We also provide learning seminars and projects for schools and students. This teaches the future the importance of solar energy. We are able to implement the new ICE polices for grid-tied systems using the ICE Pilot program. This allows us the use of a special meter that counts the energy you put back into the grid system.

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